Final Fantasy Record Keeper (Mobile)

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Final Fantasy Record Keeper

Final Fantasy Record Keeper is a free to play social smartphone game where players participate in memorable battles from the Final Fantasy series.

The player assembles a party of up to five members consisting of the main character Tyro as well as various named and generic Final Fantasy characters. With their party, the player visits the various worlds of the non-MMO members of the main Final Fantasy series, and progresses through the game by completing Classic Dungeons recreated from the Record Realm that they are set in. While in a dungeon, the player cannot change party members, equipment, or set abilities. Each dungeon consists of one or more locations, which have one or more Active Time Battles. These battles use pixel art sprites against a 2D background, with sprites being taken from the 2D games in the series, reused from Final Fantasy All the Bravest, or being created fresh in a retro style for the game. Uniquely for the sideline game, Final Fantasy Record Keeper has animated enemy and summon sprites.

The battles in a location are fought consecutively, with HP, Status Effects (Poison, Petrify, Silence and Blind), and abilities used from each battle carrying over to the next. Once all battles in a location are completed, the player is given a score for that location—"Novice", "Expert", or "Champion" ("Normal", "Good", or "Excellent" in Japanese)—based on time taken, damage received, player characters dead, and Special Score, for any bosses that were fought. If the player receives Champion score for a location they receive a "Champion Bonus!!", this gives an added x200% to EXP. Battles can be fought manually or automatically, this can be changed throughout the battle. If auto-battle is being used, characters will only attack, they will not use Soul Break abilities, magic or defend.

Once all locations within a dungeon have been completed, the player receives a rank of Bronze, Silver or Gold. If Gold is achieved then that dungeon is considered Mastered. Special First Time Rewards are given for completions and masteries, which can include Stamina Shards, Mythril, equipment, abilities, orbs, new party members, and unlocking further worlds and dungeons. In addition, clearing a dungeon has a Gil reward given each time.

Players may revisit previously completed dungeons at any time and complete them again and again, paying the associated Stamina cost each time, in order to level grind and farm items. Furthermore, mastering a dungeon unlocks a higher level version of the same dungeon known as a Elite Dungeon. Elite Dungeons have much higher Stamina costs, but they yield higher level orbs and have their own separate completion and mastery rewards.

While the game is free to play, there is a real money cash shop where currency can be exchanged for Gems (モグコイン, Mogu Koin?, lit. Mog Coin). Gems may in turn be used to pay for anything that Mythril can be used for at a rate of 97 Gems per piece of Mythril.

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