League of Angels (Online)

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League of Angels

Hop on your mount and gather your friends in this online role-playing game, as you should always be ready and prepared to fight off those threatening to destroy what’s dear to you. Here, recruiting powerful angels will get you one step ahead of others…

Now that the Seal of Life has been stolen from the angels, they are rendered powerless. Will you, as a mere human being, help them to regain their power? Together you will be able to protect the lands from infernal creatures that have made it their goal to destroy everything that is sacred in this online browser game. Don’t feel distracted by pictures of scantily-clad women everywhere in League of Angels - they’re just a trope to illustrate the lore behind this particular free-to-play title. Once you gather your own band of celestial beings, you will be able to equip them with sturdy armor and grant them additional abilities by gaining experience points and leveling up. You will meet many lost souls as you make your way through the online fantasy world and it’s up to you whether you would like to invite them on your journey or leave them be. All that matters is that you don’t succumb to the temptations of evil…

There’s no need to worry about being thrown into a League of Angels before having learned the core gameplay mechanics first. The role-playing game currently offers two unique classes: the Warrior and the Mage. Both possess great powers with which they can defend themselves and allied players from harm. While the melee character in this browser game knows how to overwhelm opponents with his or her brute strength, the magician is specialised in the arts of wizardry. Once you stumble across fallen angels that are in dire need of your help, you will be able to set up a battle formation. Here, it is recommended to place resilient characters in front so they can absorb blows that would be fatal to those only wearing cloth robes instead of plate armor. This also allows ranged heroes to unleash their powers on hostile targets without being interrupted. League of Angels has many ways for you to get in contact with like-minded players. Talk to them about the latest MMORPG news in the international chat system; invite them to join your party in so-called Team Dungeons; or simply be on the lookout for a guild that fits your play style. Being part of an alliance will not only get further ahead in this fantasy MMO, but also grant you enough backup to jump into cross-server wars and participate in player-versus-player battles.

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