AION (Online)

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Only Light can cast a ShadowAtreia is a shattered world. Hatred and jealousy is spreading through the two races like wildfire: while the Elyos lead a life of abundance on the light side of the planet, the Asmodians lead a life of desolation, encased in permanent darkness. Choose your side and charge into battle with your faction for Atreia’s future. Adventure awaits, realised in breathtaking graphics: explore the light and dark sides of this oppressed world, or face other players in PVP. Only the bravest heroes will be accepted into the circle of the Daevas. With their mighty wings, the skill and strength of these creatures is far superior to humans. Are you ready for the adventure of a lifetime? Then prove it - in AION free-to-play, the free fantasy MMORPG!

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